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Welcome to the VidBlaster v3 Wiki

Welcome to the VidBlaster Wiki! Here you will find tutorials, information and advice on solving problems encountered when using VidBlaster.

Over the years, many issues have been resolved in the forum. We will try to summarize the best tips and solutions here in the Wiki, using examples from the current version wherever possible.

Use the Search box above (top right), click on the links below, or join the VidBlaster forum to get support and chat with other users.

The forum is open to both licensed and trial users, and includes a special Feature Request section where licensed users can influence future versions.

Getting started Featured article

Not yet a user? Download the free trial edition and get started right away.


Ever wanted to know how to include remote guests in your VidBlaster show?


Software like Skype makes this possible.

Martin Kay looks at what's involved in his "Advanced class" article: Using Skype with VidBlaster

Learn more VidBlaster showcase

Got your first profile up? Here you can find articles that help you use more of VidBlaster.


Get inspired by what other users are doing with VidBlaster in these showcase articles:

Advanced class External control via the API
Livesigning example steps.jpg

Want to get the most out of VidBlaster? Learn how to benefit from VidBlaster's advanced functionality.


By using the API built into VidBlaster's Studio and Broadcast editions it's possible to externally control some of VidBlaster's functions. Several 3rd party control applications have already been made available by other users and this is where you can find information on them.

It's also possible to use API commands from within VidBlaster by using Macros.

Hardware Cameras Audio Streaming Miscellaneous
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